I’ve Been Feeling a Little Lost Lately

When I was little, my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be. “Anything?” I would ask. “Anything!” They would answer, with big smiles and complete sincerity. As motivating and inspirational as that was for my five-year-old self, I recently began asking my 33-year-old self if that was ever true. Not whetherContinue reading “I’ve Been Feeling a Little Lost Lately”

We’re All Here for a Reason

I just don’t know what mine is quite yet. My name is Kelly, and I’m struggling. I’m struggling because I feel as though my entire life has been lived for others. Sure, I did eat that third slice of carrot cake for me, but I’m talking about what I’m dedicating most of my waking hoursContinue reading “We’re All Here for a Reason”